JukeJema Quilting Barn Nowra Patchwork Quilting South Coast Quilt Shop NSWJukejema Quilting Barn is an adorable shop in the heart of the South Coast of NSW.

Kim Goatcher started Jukejema 7 years ago, having always worked within the industry – and having a passion for quilting certainly played a part in the decision to start a quilt shop.

Kim has been sewing since she was 12 or 13, and loved the look of patchwork. especially since she really hated fitting zips! Kim’s Mum had always hand sewn, and when Kim suggested Mum try patchwork – Mum asked “why would I want to cut it up just to put it back together again?” – heard that before? Kim’s Mum hasn’t made any clothes since!

Jukejema takes pride in their friendly atmosphere, brilliant range of patchwork quilting fabrics, and workshops and classes. Mum even cooks for every class – so there’s always home made cooking for every class – certainly an added incentive to join a patchwork class at Jukejema Quilting Barn.